About GK Laboratories and the TIMELESS™ Family

About Us

You deserve the gift of time.
At GK Laboratory Asia, we work hard on that.

Since 2014, we’ve been researching the best, all-natural ingredients, and crafting a range of products designed to enhance your body to reach peak efficiency.

We are proud to present TIMELESS™. Our artisanal product range of supplements, skin-care, washes and masks will redefine how you think of time. Imagine having that healthy glow from within, and your skin made firmer and brighter — for years and years longer than you ever thought possible.

Here at GK Laboratories, we’re set on delivering on our two promises: That our products have been rigorously tested for safety and that you will love using them as you see the change they bring.

Our story’s just getting started. Choose TIMELESS™ today, for long-lasting youth and beauty….

TIMELESS™ products are designed in a stringent and focused laboratory, ensuring that only the finest, safest products are ever brought to you.