What is PhytoflORAL®?

PhytoflORAL® is a natural tomato power for dietary intake.

The colorless tomato delivers two highly valuable carotenoids; Phytoene and Phytofluene. These hold multiple benefits for the skin such as lightening the skin and achieving a more even skin tone. Studies have shown that dietary intake of PhytofloRAL® regualrly may help to protect biomolecules such as collagen and DNA from oxidative damage. Grape Seed Extract contains several plant compounds, one of which includes OPCs, which are powerful antioxidants. OPCs in Grape Seed Extract contain 20 items the antioxidant power of Vitamin E and 50 times that of Vitamin C.

Other Active Ingredient

Grape Seed Extract contains several plant compounds, one of which includes OPCs, which are powerful antioxidants. 
OPCs in Grape Seed Extract contain 20 times the antioxidant power of Vitamin E and 50 times the antioxidant power of Vitamin C.

L-cysteine is a basic building block of glutathione and proteins. 
L-cysteine helps to boost the liver’s production of glutathione and has valuable anti-oxidant properties such as working as a scavenger of free radicals that causes cellular damage.

Ascorbyl palmitate is a fat (oil) soluble form of vitamin C that is used as an antioxidant and preservative in foods, vitamins, drugs and cosmetics.
Being fat soluble, it is absorbed into the cell membrane where ascorbic acid cannot reach. It is therefore retained in the body for a longer period of time.

Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10, is a compound that helps generate energy in your cells.
Your body produces CoQ10 naturally, but its production tends to decrease with age.
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a substance similar to a vitamin. It is found in every cell of the body. Your body makes CoQ10, and your cells use it to produce energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance. It also functions as an antioxidant, which protects the body from damage caused by harmful molecules.


A study was conducted to evaluate the skin lightening potential of PhytoflORAL® as a dietary intake. The supplement takes the form of capsules to provide a dose equivalent to 5 mg of phytoene and phytofluene per intake.

The trial was carried out as open intra-individual study comparing measurements at day 0 with day 42 and 84 (before and after treatment) conducted on 22 female volunteers aged 20-40 with Fitzpatrick skin photo type IV.

In both studies, instrumental color measurements were taken to assess pigmentation. Additional assessment of skin quality parameters on subject’s face was performed separately by an expert clinician and by the study participants (self-evaluation) for characteristics of dryness, roughness, suppleness, evenness of the complexion and skin texture.


Lightening effect: 
The study results indicate a significant skin lightening effect, with increases in L* value and ITA.

Skin quality evaluation: 
The scoring of the skin quality was significantly improved at Day 42 and Day 84 in almost all parameters evaluated. This included significant decrease of skin dryness and skin roughness, significant increase of skin suppleness, achieving more uniform skin complexion (even skin tone) and improvement of skin texture. 

In the subjective panelist’s evaluation, PhytoflORAL® induced an improvement of skin quality after 42 and 84 days of use. The panelists’ self-assessment confirmed the instrumental readings and clinical evaluation showing the perception of a great improvement in parameters including skin radiance, suppleness, evenness, smoothness, moisture, elasticity, visible skin health, visible skin youthfulness and overall skin beauty.